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Full Disclosure Festival, Turners Falls, MA 2018



An offering of performance art in open storefronts in downtown Greenfield, featuring Fine House, Christmas Carol, The Belmonte Brothers, Wheaton Mahoney, and Theatre Truck. photos by Matt Cavanaugh.

2017, Full Disclosure Festival: RADICAL INTERCONNECTEDNESS

was a weekend long festival that took place on October 20 and 21, 2017 on the Town Common and in a variety of spaces all within walking distance in Downtown Amherst. Regional artists were commissioned to create work upon the theme of our inter-connection with one another and to the earth. Art included original dance, theater, sculpture, immersive theater, folk opera, music, spoken word, and a primordial web of connection built on the Common. Also, conversations with thought leaders who study the ways we are connected (ie physicists, social activists, etc.) were offered in nooks and crannies of local businesses. photos by sophie Carreras.


2017, Deus Ex machina

Deus Ex Machina puts the historic Shea theater at the center. Be a witness to the magic created in the front and the back of the stage. Become part of the show - a vaudeville rehearsal, the ghosts of the past, the costuming, the makeup - through dozens of disorienting and thrilling encounters, and reunite when it the world resolves at the end of the evening. Photos by Sloan Tomlinson.

2017, Perception and Fine House

We invite you to enter Fine House, a gallery of moving installations, where fine art and fun house collide. Experience new concert dance from the region’s finest choreographers. The Dance Co-operative explores its theme, Perception, through varied lenses; to challenge and delight you. Come, enjoy this multifaceted adventure!