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Gem of the Valley, a co pro with Chester Theater CO

What is "Gem of the Valley"?

Produced by Chester Theater Company with support from Eggtooth Productions, Gem of the Valley is a headphones-based immersive theater piece that puts you on a walk through the town of Chester, en route to CTC stage. Designed for small groups of no more than six people at a time, you are set on an hour-long adventure that blurs the borders between theater, dream, and real life.

With a storied town as a central character, Gem is a tribute to Chester and its home-grown theater that celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer. The show is directed by John Bechtold, whose previous immersive works around the Valley include Sam's Place, Deus Ex Machina, Before You Became Improbable and The Winter's Tale.

How Do I Purchase Tickets?

Tickets should be purchased directly from Chester Theatre Company.

What should I expect during the show?

  • Audience members will be asked to walk with a small group for a little under 1/2 a mile over the course of the hour-long show, with regular stops along the way. The route, while primarily on flat surfaces, contains indoor and outdoor stairs and some uneven terrain.

  • Audience members will be wearing headphones for the duration of the show as they encounter a cast of twenty performers who will engage directly with the audience.

  • Performers may occasionally invite a moment of light physical contact (taking someone's hand, for example); otherwise, there is little/no contact during the show.

  • Participants must be willing to follow physical directions provided from their headphones and participate within the bounds of the show.

  • There is no (live) talking by performers or audience during the performance.

  • Due to the nature of the show, it is not possible to take a break at any point during the performance.

  • The show will be performed in all weather, unless it creates dangerous conditions. Participants are welcome to bring umbrellas or other items for their comfort during the show.

Questions/Additional Info

Questions about Gem of the Valley can be directed to Angela Combest at Chester Theatre. Her email is

Announcing our partnership with Punchdrunk

Thanks to a grant from the Barr Foundation through the community foundation of western mass, eggtooth will share the US debut of:

A SMALL TALE, an education program from punchdrunk enrichment

So who is punchdrunk? Punchdrunk is an award-winning international theatre company with a reputation for ground-breaking productions that blend classic texts, physical performance and design installation in unexpected sites. You may know their long running immersive theater experience called sleep no more that has been running in NYC since 2011.

Since 2008, Punchdrunk Enrichment has delivered magical projects with over 100 UK primary schools, taking Punchdrunk’s immersive ethos and high production values into school settings, creating experiences to inspire and ignite pupils’ imaginations and accelerate learning.

A Small Tale: A Teacher-led Adventure is a Punchdrunk Enrichment project, led by the teacher in the classroom. The project aims to inspire and develop imaginative teaching practices for literacy; placing the teacher at the centre of the creativity.

Eggtooth will be engaging first and second grade classes from Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties to participate in this award winning project. We are in the planning stages right now and will have More information soon.


an image of a uk class engaging in “a small tale”