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Radical interconnectedness festival


Radical Interconnectedness, a Full Disclosure Festival in Turners Falls April 14, 2018. Where art of many kinds is placed in underutilized buildings in downtown Turners Falls; all on the theme of our interconnection. Offering dance, music, poetry, photography, drag, AND the world premiere of THE PASS by Terry Jenoure at the Shea Theatre. 

THE PASS is a new performance work by Terry Jenoure for violin, voice, komongo, piano, and flute with dance and video.  Through the allegory of a canary disguising himself as a cat, THE PASS looks at the ways we all pass for something other than what we truly are and the cost of that deception.  With poetry and prose written by Jenoure, improvisational maps for flute, piano, violin and komongo weave together with movement, song, and video to tell a surprising story we all know.  The work is a reunion of artists from around the world who have worked with Jenoure on the stage. All are coming together at the Shea Theatre for a one-night performance at 8 pm.


Terry Jenoure, musician, writer, visual artist & educator born in the Bronx into a Puerto Rican & Jamaican family. A professional violinist, vocalist & composer, she has performed & lectured on 5 continents & is a protégé of the Free Jazz pioneers of 1970’s Black Arts Movement.

Sibylle Pomorin, an improvisational flautist & saxophonist, has composed for orchestra, for chamber music & more.

Maria Mitchell is a skilled, expressive dancer, who has worked with jazz greats: Joseph Jarman, Leroy Jenkins, Billy Bang, & others.

Angelica Sanchez, pianist, composer, educator is the the 2008 recipient of the French/American Chamber Music America grant.

Jin Hi Kim, komungo virtuoso, Guggenheim Fellow, has performed around the world.

THE PASS is the highlight of a one day Full Disclosure Festival in downtown Turners Falls with the theme of Radical Interconnectedness on April 14, 2018. Four offerings will be shared in storefronts and underutilized buildings all in walking distance in downtown Turners Falls. A $20 ticket gets you into everything!

4:00 pm – from Walt, from me, to You, Katherine Adler at the Discovery Center

An exploration of the universality and depth in the eloquent and inspirational words of one of America's most revered poets, Walt Whitman. This interpretation of "Leaves of Grass" seeks to promote inward scrutiny and interpersonal empathy. Within the Full Disclosure Festival and the theme of Radical Interconectedness, "from Walt" transcends place and time, inviting the audience to read between the lines and discover how to "weave the song of [one]self".

text by Walt Whitman

compiled and performed by Katherine Adler 

5:00 pm – Hygge House, Crystal Nilsson at 69 Second Street

6:00 pm – Hauling Toward Home, Samantha Wood at the Senior Center

 Samantha Wood’s sound installation with rocking chairs explores the definition of home through the human voice – place and story – embodied in the dual metaphor of the rocking chair, which, perhaps soothing, is also the motion and effort born of necessity rowing across dark seas to reach a familiar harbor.

7:00 pm – Morning Vodka with Mr Drag and Karl at the Great Falls Harvest 

Mr Drag been entertaining the masses for centuries...ummm years.  Mr. Drag's origins are slightly obscured in a vodka soaked past.  Amongst his worldly travels he encountered many characters but none tugged at his heart strings such as the poor street urchin Karl.  Mr. Drag took him in and Karl has been his " trusted" assistant and earnest companion ever since. 

 Join Mr. Drag and Karl for their new talk show Morning Vodka. Grab a drink and sit down in the audience or be interviewed  (if you're lucky).   Mr. Drag and Carl will bring their spectacle, talent their all-you-can-drink martini buffet (guests ineligible for buffet) with them.

8:00 pm – THE PASS at the Shea Theatre

Tickets will be on sale soon.


And coming in June: 

Deus Ex Machina

An immersive theater production directed by John Bechtold that engages audiences to experience the history and stories of the Shea Theatre on June 17-23, 2018. Very limited tickets available soon.

It works like this: Performers guide participants through the nooks and crannies of the historic building two at a time to experience all that has happened in there throughout the decades. Folks see, feel, taste, and engage in an experiential timeline that travels from a 1920's dance hall into a controversial 1960's hippie commune called the Renaissance Community.